Unnatural Miracle

As much as I travel on business, I am still amazed at the miracle of air travel. “Miracle”, you say? Absolutely. As I zoom across the country 36,000 feet above the Earth in this pressurized metal tube weighing thousands of pounds I can’t help but think that there is something completely unnatural going on here.

I was never really good at physics, but I do have a basic understanding of gravity. Gravity is one of those natural laws that we humans were not physically


Birds (Photo credit: Kenny Teo (zoompict))

designed to conquer. After all, birds flap their wings and fly quite naturally. We humans flap our arms and, while looking a bit ridiculous, we go nowhere. All we can do is stand fixed to the ground and dream of what that bird’s eye view must look like.

Or can we? One advantage we have over the birds of the air is the creativity and ingenuity of the human mind. Man is the only creature capable of devising ways to conquer the natural laws that otherwise bind our bodies. Whether it’s jetting across the earth or exploring the depths of the seas, the human mind can figure it out. In this case, by harnessing the powers of thrust and lift we become like the birds of the air; the bird’s eye view of America’s fruited plains spreads before us as we jet to our destination. And as I pause between typing these sentences to look out the window, I am simultaneously amazed and impressed.

Some believe that man evolved to this state over billions of years. Not me. The idea that this level of ingenuity and creativity somehow evolved out of nothing makes no sense to me. Scripture tells us that God created man in His image. He created man to be in relationship with Him while having dominion over the birds of the air and the fishes of the sea. Thus, man is completely unique. Our ingenuity is no evolutionary accident; it comes by the supernatural design of our Creator. Some were created to invent; others to inspire. We are all gifted by God to contribute in our own way to this marvelous creation. Today, as I jet across this beautiful country of ours, I am especially thankful for the creativity and ingenuity behind the miracle of air travel and I am thankful to God for the men and women who make it happen.

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