Merry Christmas, Fellow Texans!

I have long been frustrated with the militant atheists who insist on removing any acknowledgement or mention of religious tradition from public places. Not only do they desire to not practice religion (which is their right), they don’t want anybody else to, either – at least not in public (which is my right).

My frustration is not with their taking a position; it is with our courts that have supported their position. The Constitutional question of what “freedom of religion” means has been twisted out of sync with our Founders’ original intent. The fact that the state does not sponsor a religion was not intended to preclude we citizens from practicing our religion and displaying symbols of our religion in the public places paid for by our tax dollars. Unfortunately, some judges, choosing to legislate from the bench, disagree with that interpretation. Their rulings have effectively moved our country towards the state-sponsored religion of Atheism.

The judicially sponsored religion of Atheism has reduced many Americans to such silliness as erecting “holiday trees” in our schools, changing “Christmas break” to “winter break”, and narrowing the choice of music for the school choir concert to secular winter tunes. Many Americans are even afraid to greet their neighbors with a cheery “Merry Christmas” for fear of persecution.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thankfully, my great state of Texas has taken a stand against such silliness in the form of legislation passed last week. Dubbed the “Merry Christmas” bill, it passed easily in the Texas House and Senate and was signed into law by Governor Perry last Thursday. Our new law protects Texans and Texas schools from legal action stemming from the display of religious symbols. Symbols of all religions enjoy equal protection under this law, which I believe is consistent with the intent of our Founding Fathers as they drafted our Constitution.

Some will attack this bill as trivial. Others will say that Texas has taken a step backwards from the so-called “progress” that the anti-religious segment of society believes they’ve achieved. Me? I applaud my legislature and my governor for defending our Constitutional rights when our Federal courts and Federal legislature have failed to do so.

I can’t wait for December 25. It will be a Merry Christmas in Texas, indeed!

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