Barker Reservoir Trail (Partial)

January 6, 2019. After having walked a portion of this trail I’ve looked forward to exploring the rest of it on my bike. Beginning at Terry Hershey Park to the east, the trail is roughly 11 miles long to its end at South Fry Road. The weather was, again, perfect for a ride: temps in the los 70’s with partly cloudy skies and a nice breeze. As I mounted my bike to begin my journey, the saddle-soreness from yesterday’s ride immediately dictated that this would be a partial exploration of this trail.

Our home, along many others, was flooded after Hurricane Harvey when the federal government opened the flood gates at the Barker Reservoir with no advance notice or warning. Seeing those gates now still brings back the memories of forced evacuation and significant property loss.

The section of trail I rode is unshaded, and follows the berms that form the reservoir. As I rode north and then turned west towards Barker Cypress road the breeze was in my face and I looked forward to a nice tail wind on the ride back. Reaching my turnaround point near West Houston Audi on the Katy Freeway, I snapped pics of the section of trail to be explored next weekend (left) and looking back over the route over which I have come (right) as I enjoyed my water break.

As I retraced my route eastbound, I was surprised that the breeze in my face was stronger than it was headed west. How in the world does that happen? Ducking my head to the wind, I persevered, soon arriving back at Terry Hershey Park. I couldn’t help but capture a few pics of an over-full Buffalo Bayou before heading home.

Having ridden two days in a row, my body is telling me it needs some rest, and I’m happy to oblige. I continue to enjoy my new hobby and look forward to hitting the trails next weekend, weather permitting of course!

Ride stats:

2019 Cumulative Miles: 44.8

Happy cycling!

Soli DEO Gloria!

(c) (2019)

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