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Goofing off, Thanksgiving 2012

Goofing off, Thanksgiving 2012

Married with two children (now grown), my family and I live in Houston, Texas. My professional background is in insurance and corporate risk management. I am a risk management professional with a Houston-based Fortune 100 company, and as such I enjoy partnering with my colleagues and coworkers to help keep our people safe while helping mitigate total cost of risk.

My politics are conservative on most issues, but I’m always willing to consider a well-crafted and civilly presented argument from my friends on the left. We live in the greatest country in the world, but I am concerned that our national dialogue sometimes does not reflect that fact. Civil discussion on all issues is necessary to preserving the freedoms we all enjoy. And, who knows, perhaps we’ll both learn something!

I am a follower of Jesus Christ.  Having recently relocated back to Houston, I worship at Grace Presbyterian Church. I enjoy singing in the Chancel Choir and look forward to getting further involved in Grace’s ministries.

Jeff Strege hat 4x4Following Christ includes an obligation to tell others about Him while seeking to live a life that exemplifies to the world the norms, values and direction He gives His people through Scripture. My hope and prayer is that the content on this site always glorifies and pleases my Lord and Savior. To that end, I created the tagline “Grounded in Scripture, Spoken in Love” to describe the foundation on which I try to live my life and how I seek to interact with those around me.

I created this site to share points of view that I believe are consistent with God’s Word offered with an attitude of love and respect for all who visit. My mission is to contribute to our national dialogue in a positive way while always pointing my readers to Christ. On any given day I may offer a word of encouragement or my opinion on a current event. These opinions are mine; I am not speaking for my employer, my church, or any other organization or individual. I offer them without apology. Comments and civil discussion are welcomed and encouraged.

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