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2015 Photo-Some-Days 3.19.2015

For today’s Throwback Thursday¬†I go back just a few years to November 8, 2012 when I got the opportunity to meet, for the second time, General Tommy Franks. I first¬†him in 2008, soon after he joined the Board of Directors of CEC Entertainment, where I was Director of Risk Management. It was a pleasure, although admittedly a tad intimidating, describing our risk management strategy to our newest (and very decorated) board member. General Franks is a true American hero and a fine man. I’m honored to have gotten to meet him – twice!

“Leaders know that complex issues resist elegant and easy solutions. They must consider the views of others and recognize that disagreement does not mean disrespect.” ~ General Tommy Franks via tommyfranks.com

Photo op with General Tommy Franks at Main Event, Grapevine. 11.2012

Photo op with General Tommy Franks at Main Event, Grapevine. 11.8.2012

2015 Photo-A-Day 1.20.2015

We saw “American Sniper” this evening. It is an intense movie that offers an eye-opening portrayal of war while providing a stunning tribute to American hero Chris Kyle. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it.

I would love for people to be able to think of me as a guy who stood up for what he believed in and helped make a difference for the vets. ~ Chris Kyle via BrainyQuote.com

Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle in "American Sniper"

Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle in “American Sniper”

Photo credit: People.com

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