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On Donald Trump, Terrorism, Divisiveness and Change


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Donald Trump sure has struck a nerve. Today I read a news article reporting that Trump now has a 20-point lead over his GOP rivals according to the latest CBS/NY Times poll. Here is a link to the story. Although I am not a Trump supporter, I get it. There is a perception by many of inaction by the current Administration. There is frustration and concern among many Americans that we have a government that is completely out of touch with mainstream America, as it appears to operate primarily for the personal benefit of those holding office. I share many of these perceptions. Donald Trump is challenging the status quo and the status quo doesn’t like it.

San Bernardino should have been a huge wake-up call to the nation, for San Bernardino proves that there are terrorists living among us. They have blended into society. They act and behave as you and I do, at least in public. They hold jobs. And they wait for their time to strike. In these trying times, Americans want strong leadership from Washington. We want a president who is clearly tuned in to what’s going on and who has a plan to address it. We want to be assured that our government has our safety and well being in front of mind. Unfortunately, many of us perceive just the opposite from President Obama. Trump’s proposals for dealing with terrorism, albeit controversial, are at least proposals of some sort of action. And, while I disagree with his proposals, I get it.

obama speech

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But let’s pause for a moment. Even among my doubts and concerns, I believe that our government is hard at work trying to address this problem. The United States has some of the best intelligence gathering forces in the world, and I believe our government has information that is probably quite rich. I trust that there is a plan, or at least a plan in the works. Is it realistic, or even prudent, to think that the president will call a press conference, take the lectern, and cite chapter and verse of all this work and our plans for defeating terrorism? Of course not! Setting my perceptions of governmental inaction and ineptitude aside, I really don’t believe that the president and his advisors are sitting on their hands on this issue. That just doesn’t make sense. I think it’s time for those of us who have been so critical of Mr. Obama to cut him a bit of slack. This is not an easy problem to solve.

I also think it is time for we Americans to take a collective deep breath. We are divided, and our divisiveness does not help matters; it makes them worse. My Facebook feed is replete with what I call “Facebook Pundits”: These are people who are self-declared experts on what the government should or should not do to address terrorism and other issues facing our great nation; People who refuse to listen and consider opinions and statements by those with whom they disagree; People who demonize the liberal or the conservative whose views and opinions differ from their own; People who post half truths, and even blatant lies, in sorry attempts to forward whatever agenda they’ve chosen to support. Mark my words: this divisiveness will bring down our country long before ISIS or any other enemy does. It must stop, and it must stop now.


Credit: usvotefoundation.org

America was founded on several wonderful principles, one of them being the fact that we are not subjects of our government; our government works for us. We have a process of electing individuals to serve at our will from the President through Congress; from state governors through local town councils. Whether we voted for the individuals in office or not, we must unite around them. We must lift them in prayer. We must join together and present a united front against those who would threaten our national and personal security. When we disagree with our government or with one another, we must do so civilly and respectfully. And as we do so, we must hold those whom we have hired to represent us accountable for their actions or lack thereof by becoming informed, offering constructive feedback, and exercising our right to replace under performers via the power of our electoral process.

Which brings me full circle, back to Donald Trump. I’m glad he has the government establishment and the elitists in the mainstream media in a tizzy. I’m glad he’s calling them out and speaking his mind. But I cannot support him because Trump epitomizes the divisiveness and name-calling that I believe is very problematic for our country. I believe he could do considerable damage representing America to the world in his style and demeanor. Under the current Administration, our country has become more divided than ever. We need a leader at the helm who will set the tone I described above; one who will seek to unite our divided nation and lead us to a brighter and more prosperous future. Based on what I’ve seen from Mr. Trump to this point, he is not that man.

Right now things are looking rather grim. We need change. How about taking the lead? Let’s resolve together to be the change we seek. Let’s resolve not to continue to throw gasoline on a fire that is nearly out of control. Rather, let’s resolve to treat others – all others – with the dignity and respect each deserves as a child of our Creator. If each of us will do so, we won’t have to wait until January 2017 for change. The change can start right now.

Abuse and Use of Power

American politics seem to be getting nastier by the day, from both sides of the political spectrum. I am disappointed in the Grand Jury’s decision to indict Texas Governor Rick Perry, not to mention the fact that charges were brought in the first place. I am equally as disappointed in John Boehner’s talk of a lawsuit against the president. This sort of activity – seeking any means by which to take down political opponents – will bring this country down. It is a waste of taxpayer money as it distracts us from the important issues playing out day by day. Such activity is in no way good for the country – it is intended only to forward the personal agenda of the individual initiating the divisive action.

We voters must wake up and rise above the partisan kool-aid being served up by both political parties. We must demand true leadership from those we elect to serve in our state and federal governments. We must stop drawing conclusions based on social media soundbites and the so-called “experts” on the so-called cable news channels. We must expel from office those who abuse their power and demand real leadership from those whom we elect to serve us. They work for us – never forget that.

Friends, we have the power of the vote. We don’t have to agree on everything, but for the health of our great nation we must agree on this: we must agree to use our power of the vote wisely. We must dig deeper than Facebook, Fox, MSNBC, and the rest. We must reject the partisan kool-aid and insist on facts. We must demand that those elected to serve do so for the good of the nation, not to forward their own selfish personal agendas. On this, each of us, whether liberal or conservative, should be able to unite.

Where Are We Headed?

United States Capitol

United States Capitol (Photo credit: Jack in DC)

We are living in a very interesting point in history. This great American experiment called Democracy is, I believe, on the brink of failure. Sound cynical? Consider: We Americans seem completely willing to surrender our personal liberties to an uber-powerful government that is increasingly disconnected from the people it is supposed to serve. Our national debt is growing at an alarming pace as those in leadership do nothing to stop it. Our moral values as a nation are eroding away day after day.

As I consider these things, I am reminded that I trust and serve the God of the universe. He who made all things is bigger than government, and His plan is perfect. I’ve completed my study of the book of Jeremiah. God spoke through Jeremiah to a nation, much like the United States, that had abandoned His truth and His ways. Israel was serving false gods and seeking after worldly wisdom just like we are today. We can read the Bible and see the consequences of Israel’s sin; the future of the United States is yet to be written, although our omnipotent God already knows our fate as a nation.


faith (Photo credit: Leonard John Matthews)

I am so thankful for the gift of faith. Through faith, I can see past the sin of this world into the eternity that awaits all believers in Christ; an eternity in the presence of Almighty God. I pray for a revival in our nation. I pray that we the people will look to God through study of His Word and through prayer for our nation’s well-being. I pray that God would open the hearts and the minds of the American people to His eternal truth. That eternal truth is available, right at our fingertips. And as American history unfolds before our eyes, we can seek wisdom and comfort in God’s book called the Bible.

“All the prophets testify about Him that everyone who believes in Him receives forgiveness of sins through His name.” ~ Acts 10:43

The Bible, from Genesis through Revelation, is all about Jesus. It reveals God’s plan of redemption for His creation. There is no book in the Bible that is not relevant to today. It is wholly and universally true. It is without error. The wisdom of the world wants us to view the Bible as a spiritual guidebook or, worse, a collection of human writings assembled by men in a conspiracy to mislead us. That is the world’s wisdom at work, and it is a dangerous supposition. The Bible is God’s revelation of Himself to us; it is what He wants us to know about Him.

Travel Bible study. Taken 9.15.2013, Chicago, IL

Travel Bible study. Taken 9.15.2013, Chicago, IL

“What we have received is not from the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, so that we may understand what God has freely given us. This is what we speak, not in words taught us by human wisdom but in words taught by the Spirit, explaining spiritual realities with Spirit-taught words.” (1 Corinthians 2:12-13)

A life and a nation built on the foundation of human wisdom is doomed to failure. On the other hand, a life and a nation build on the foundation of God’s Word will be blessed. As a believer, I will engage in the political process. I will share God’s truth. I will align my political positions with God’s Word as He gives me the wisdom and ability to do so, and I will communicate my positions out of love and respect for my fellow man. I will not despair over the state of our nation, nor will I worry about the future. Through Christ, my future is sealed for eternity. That reality frees me to engage absent any fear for what may lie ahead.

My prayer for today: Heavenly Father, as I consider the state of our nation I am tempted to worry. This morning I lift up all in positions of authority in our government. I pray that You would grant them wisdom and clarity of thought. I pray that You would compel them to seek Your will in all things. And, Father, I pray for a revival in this land; a revival that would reach from sea to shining sea, causing all of us to realize our sins, confess and repent, and trust completely in You through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Help me to be a faithful witness to Your Truth according to Your will. In Jesus’ Name I pray, AMEN.

Congress: Time for a Major Change!

US Capital at Night

US Capital at Night (Photo credit: l.hutton)

As the prospects of a government shut-down become reality, many Americans wonder, “what’s next?” That’s a good question. The good news is, the world is still turning, gravity still works, and this will likely be a short-lived situation. Why? Because the professional politicians currently running our government, Republicans and Democrats alike, cannot allow this to be a long-term situation for fear of jeopardizing their carers.

Careers. Therein lies our problem. My study of American history tells me that our founders never intended that serving in government would be a career. It would be a sacrifice; an act of service to one’s peers in which the government representative leaves home for a few years to go to Washington and serve her neighbors; when her turn is over she returns home so another can take his turn. Working in that manner, self-interest will not trump service to country.

The time for Congressional term limits is way past due. The professional politicians currently occupying the seats of those who are supposed to represent the interests of we Americans are, instead, serving their own professional interests as they seek to forward their political careers. Why do we see many newly elected representatives turn into Washington insiders soon after arrival in Congress? Because the machine that is our government sucks them in and, with few exceptions, they are unable to resist the siren call of personal power and financial security on the backs of working Americans. Next thing we know, they’ve been there way too long and they begin to sound like Harry Reid, John McCain, and so many others who, in my opinion, quit representing their respective constituencies years ago.

Opponents to Congressional term limits typically cite the fact that we the people can simply replace those in government with whom we’ve become disenchanted by voting them out of office. In my state of Texas we elected Kay Bailey Hutchison to three terms in the Senate after she served a partial term. But for her retirement to run for governor she would likely have been elected to a fourth (my opinion), absent a worthy challenger. Here’s the rub: Both major parties are run by establishment politicians who discourage would-be candidates from challenging the status quo. Why? Because challenging the status quo means there would be turnover in government! Their political careers would be jeopardized! It is not in their personal interest to allow worthy candidates a level platform from which to challenge incumbent office holders. Hence, the people are not presented with worthy alternatives to those currently in office.

American flag

American flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have become a country run by establishment politicians bent on furthering their own interests, even at the expense of the American people. This, in my opinion, is why we have rampant debt and continue to spend in deficit. This, in my opinion, is why government fails year after year to balance our federal budget and, instead, subjects us to these ridiculous debt ceiling arguments and, yes, our current government shut-down. This, in my opinion, is why politicians from both parties are happy to watch Americans attack each other personally while the politicians continue to line their pockets and secure their personal financial futures on our backs. On our current path, our country will one day be bankrupt as our economy collapses. I guarantee you those currently in power will walk away unscathed while the rest of us are left to clean up their mess.

Our government is broken, thanks to the establishment politicians to whom we Americans have entrusted her. We need break that trend. We need term limits to reduce the power of incumbency and allow other would-be public servants, true public servants, to step forward and take their turn at the helm. We need leaders who will break the machine and lead this country before the professional politicians lead us to economic collapse. Let’s not let that happen. The time for we Americans to act is now.

Thank You, Senator Cruz!

English: Ted Cruz at the Republican Leadership...

English: Ted Cruz at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Politicians are politicians, and I’m hearing many voices questioning Senator Ted Cruz’ motives behind his marathon speech on the Senate floor. What Senator Cruz has said needed to be said; the fight needs to be fought. If he doesn’t say it, nobody in DC will. They will simply roll over and do whatever the status quo bureaucrats tell them to do. That’s how Obamacare passed in the first place. “You have to pass it to find out what’s in it,” said Nancy Pelosi and our gutless Congress did just that. That action alone is worthy of a one-way ticket out of office. That action alone demonstrates the disdain that many in government apparently have for We the People.

I’m not going to question the Senator’s motives. I’m glad he did what he did. He spoke for me and millions of Americans who believe deep down in our heart of hearts that what our federal government is doing to our country is destroying us as a nation. And once their work is done, they will look down at us from their seats of power and rule unabashedly. Heck, they already are.

Thank you, Senator Cruz, for representing me and the millions of Americans who still believe in Liberty.

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